Tech entrepreneur, web commerce pioneer, AI & software engineer and researcher.

Longterm project past decade: fixing how people communicate online, addressing everything from fake news to collaboration on science and other issues. In stealth mode while sorting out how to compete with big tech's resources while starting solo. (note: now set aside to deal with impact of  new AI wave).

History of seeing tech trends before others (often too early), examples:

Entrepreneur & Freelance Consultant since 1989.

Studied CS at Carnegie-Mellon University 1980-1983, undergrad. Expanded class projects to be more interesting, like a compiler-compiler ( parser generator and partly configurable code generator) instead of just a compiler, a syntax directed editor driven off a grammar description (hybrid with emacs-style text editing with customizable key bindings), graduate level AI, etc. Learned faster on my own.   

Worked for the computer science department a summer, and a year full time, including  AI at their Robotics Institute building a knowledge representation system using a distributed database approach. 

Worked as an AI engineer on applied research at Martin Marietta in 1985-1989 seeking ways to apply Artificial Intelligence for internal use and for NASA and the Air Force:

Most contracts were in the early 1990s before becoming an entrepreneur, samples:

Those were just examples. Varied other contracts and attempts to found startups over the years that didn't fly, e.g. one derailed from funding by the financial crisis in 2008.

Summary: Full stack from concept to implementation of ideas, high level design to low level systems programming. Having built stacks, learning a new one isn't a challenge.

LinkedIn is here: rarely use it due to poor UX and thinking its a shame to support a dinosaur that should be disrupted, but put some info there since others do, and only public way to contact.

Some rough draft writings on AI and issues related to its impact on society on a Substack: Society and AI, including an essay how to address flaws in LLMs with hallucinations and difficulties with logical reasoning.

Boulder, Colorado based.

I may sometimes be found in town business networking, or jogging slowly.

Pre-pandemic (will get back to it) for a few years went weekly to hear local startups practice pitches at 1 Million Cups to give feedback and learn, yearly to Boulder Startup Week, etc.